30 November 2021

A Roadmap to Modern Slavery Compliance and a Sustainable Supply Chain

The power to bring change, manage risk, improve ESG scores and unlock value.

By Carsten Primdal, SCERTIFY Co-Founder and Chief Sustainability Advisory Officer

Carsten Primdal

Have you heard about Modern Slavery Acts and wondered where to start to become compliant? Do you have a gut feeling that you know next to nothing about your supply chain, other than the name of the factory and perhaps the defect rates on the product you receive? Are you worried that there may be some unsavoury practices hidden away somewhere in your supply chain?

If you answered yes to the above questions, this book is for you.

Carsten Primdal shares his knowledge on how to implement measures allowing you to gain important insights from your supply chain. These insights improve transparency, allow you to unlock value, empower partners to trust you, and increase customer and investor confidence.

The methods, tools and structure in this book have already helped many global businesses, and now they can benefit you too.


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