Gemma Aiolfi


Gemma Aiolfi is Head of Compliance, Corporate Governance and Collective Action at the Basel Institute on Governance. She helped to establish the Institute in 2003 alongside Professor Mark Pieth who is President of the Board and former Chair of the OECD Working Group on Bribery. The Basel Institute is an independent not-for-profit competence centre working around the world to strengthen governance and counter corruption and other financial crimes. Gemma advises corporate clients, government agencies and state-owned enterprises on good governance, culture change and the implementation of tailored approaches to anti-bribery compliance policies, programmes and systems. She also leads the Institute’s efforts to promote and facilitate anti-corruption Collective Action initiatives, in particular in the context of the Institute’s programs under the Siemens Integrity Initiative and the B20 Hub on Collective Action. This includes working with groups of companies from various sectors that are seeking to develop their human rights programs and leveraging their anti-corruption compliance programs where it makes sense to do so.

Prior to her current role, Gemma worked at ABB AG, Switzerland, as an anti-corruption specialist and Legal Counsel to the Group HQ Integrity Department and Office of Special Investigations, and was appointed to this role under the Deferred Prosecution Agreement with the US authorities regarding FCPA violations.

Gemma was the first Global Head of Anti-Corruption at UBS AG, Switzerland’s largest bank and developed its global anti-corruption compliance program.

Gemma is currently Co-Chair Integrity and Compliance Taskforce B20 Indonesia 2022, and is a Member of the Advisory Board to the OECD Trust in Business Network and Blue Dot Network (since Nov 2019); Member of the Steering Committee of Alliance for Integrity Network (GIZ Germany) (since march 2018); and from 2017-2020 External Advisory Council Member Grana y Montero, Peru; and from 2015-2022 Board member, Ethics & Compliance Switzerland.

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