Joel Coward


Asian market experienced, responsible sourcing and sustainability expert who takes kaizen methodologies and links evidenced ESG compliance to revenue lines within global mining and energy houses, from BHP to Tiffany’s Diamonds.

I have redefined how companies’ mainstream sustainability and human rights across their supply chains to create greater market differentiation by challenging that sustainability isn’t just environmental but ethical too, as you can’t offset slavery.

Shaped by war, made by dyslexia, prudent in law, provident in Asian commerce and diverse beyond gender: I lead.

Serving others to solve client puzzles brings me joy, creating a ‘problems=opportunities’ mindset in the workplace. Developed from my early career as a combat medic within special forces teams, I am a natural cross-cultural collaborator who knows the value in celebrating little victories during prolonged periods of ambiguity, a trait applied throughout my corporate career.

Application of human rights and environmental law to end-to-end commercial management in a change environment is my strength: moving purpose and policy to profit. I am experienced in leading teams from 30 to 300 people with budgets up to $800m and piloting groups of professionals through exposed periods of uncertainty due to complexities of the operational and compliance environment where adaptation is key to achieving objectives.

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