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Manage your sustainability program

All the capabilities you need to manage your sustainability program end-to-end

  • Establish a roadmap of capabilities aligned to sustainability goals
  • Manage and track supplier surveys, standards,
    and audits
  • Track your sustainability program progress
    and milestones

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Obtain full traceability and transparency of your supply chain

Complete visibility into transactions, events and chain of custody

  • Capture events end-to-end across the supply chain
  • Configure data capture forms and workflows
  • Map and visualize your entire supply chain

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Manage and monitor your suppliers

Assess sustainability compliance and maintain insights into your network of suppliers

  • Send surveys to all or a subset of your suppliers
  • Monitor and track supplier certifications and compliance with your established social, environmental
    and ethical criteria
  • View alerts, issues and anomalies and take action

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Gain deep insights through advanced analytics and AI

Monitor progress against sustainability goals and know where issues are occurring

  • View interactive dashboards and visualize key
    data points
  • Monitor sustainability KPIs at the supplier, commodity or product level
  • Identify unexpected variances and anomalies driven by smart algorithms
  • Configure custom dashboard views and reports tailored to your business

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Extend and integrate

Bring together an efficient sustainable supply chain ecosystem

  • Create seamless flows of supply chain data through integration with ERP, SCM, procurement and other enterprise systems
  • Integrate a wide range of data sources including certification and other third-party data
  • Capture streaming data from IoT devices
  • Enhance sustainability intelligence and measures by integrating third-party solutions such as satellite/geospatial data and anonymous social conditions reporting

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on any device

For effective real-time data capture, alerts and keeping up to date from anywhere

  • Use mobile devices to capture supply chain transactions in real-time, even when offline
  • Leverage the same application experience across desktop, tablet and smartphone
  • Continue to monitor and track your supply chain and respond to alerts when on the go

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Share your sustainability story

Provide consumers with the full product transparency they demand

  • Enable consumers to scan on-package QR codes to reveal the people, places and processes behind
    your product
  • Manage the content/media and construct the story experienced by consumers